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Action packed workout

ILKB Signature is our standard class: tried and true our signature class has helped thousands of our members achieve amazing results through our high paced workout that will put your conditioning and strength to the test.

This class has been structured to help you see optimal calorie burn through HIIT training, both between sections of class, but also during each section as well.

We offer three variations of our signature class that you may see at our locations.


All about getting your blood flowing and warming up you muscles before the bag rounds, this is an important part of our class to prepare for those hooks and roundhouses.

Every warmup follows a similar structure but with a large number of exercises we utilize they will always be a different challenge.

Our warmups will help you with your cardio and with strength


After getting our bodies warm and active from the HIIT style warmup, it’s important to stretch before the bag rounds.

Flexibility is very important for kickboxing: it helps you have better technique which will in turn allow you to have a better workout.

It also helps to prepare your body for the bag work to limit injury.

Bag Rounds

The number of bag rounds vary by which version of class you are taking, but what you can always guarantee is that they will be high impact, exciting, and challenging.

Our instructors will be there to help you with your technique and ensure that you are getting that full body workout: working your bis, tris, back, abs, glutes, quads, and calves!

The harder you punch, the more calories you burn!


Our finishers are challenges of cardio, strength, or technique at the end of your class.

These are meant for you to push through at the end of class to earn the well deserved cool down.

Sometimes these can be individual, where you challenge yourself, and sometimes they can be with a partner or full class challenges.

Whichever they are, they are fun and exciting ways to finish the class!

Cool Down

The cool down is just as important as the rest of our class.

After such an intense workout, it is vital to do a final stretch after class to prevent injury and allow our bodies to heal and build properly.

This is also a great time for the class to come back together to hear about exciting things happening in the studio and continue to build our community.