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Eden W.

"I first joined ILKB through a groupon then joined as a member. Why? Because it feels awesome to kick ass for 60min and have the time fly. The staff is amazing and the studio is clean. There are only 2 shower stalls however so not like a typical gym where you can stew a bit after a work out."

Wendy Y.

"I've gone twice so far and I love the workout. They do a good job on boarding newbies where the newcomers get individual attention when learning the punches and kicks. First part of the class is jogging and drills (lunges/burpees/sit-ups and whatnot). Second part is several rounds of punch/kick combos.... [Read More]"

Erin J.

"I joined ilovekickboxing Bayside ("ILKB") in July of this year. My husband suggested that I work out. I gained more than 20 pounds in 3 years and I was getting out of shape badly. I tried traditional gym and zumba in the past, but it didn't really work out for me. I didn't enjoy it at all. While I... [Read More]"

T C.

"Absolutely love this place! Originally I was looking for some sort of workout to help bring back my motivation to workout. I use to work out a lot at the gym but it became very routine and I fell out of it. I was browsing on groupon and came across a deal for this place. $50 for 10 classes. Told myself... [Read More]"