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Revolutionary Fat-loss System Helps Boardman Men & Women Finally Lose That Extra Weight.

Kickboxers are in incredible shape. They have toned abs... slender muscles... and great definition. The question is - how do you get that great body without competing in fights?

Our program took the same exercises that pro kickboxers use to get lean & toned - and made them available to ANYONE looking to burn fat...

That’s why in every class, you’ll do amazing conditioning... And have a TON of fun punching & kicking the fat right off your body!

KickBoxing is The Hottest Workout!

What Is iLoveKickboxing?

‘So fun it’s addicting!’

iLoveKickboxing is what happened when we took the workouts that get professional fighters so fit... and made them accessible to ANYONE looking to get in awesome shape.

But we didn't stop there.

We added loud, energizing music to get your heart racing... passionate instructors who really care about you, motivate you every step of the way... and a community of support and friendship lifts you up when you're feeling down.

It's the total package. Get started today at our Boardman iLoveKickboxing studio and see for yourself!

Kay C.

Flushing, NY

I was looking to change up my workout routine and tried different studios around the city and in Queens to find out what workout was was fun yet effective, and where I wouldn't get bored easily. I also wanted more bang for my buck so I really wanted something that would burn lots of calories and bui [Read More...]

convenient location in Boardman

515 Boardman-Canfield Rd
| 330-754-3959


  • " My trainers at iLoveKickboxing have been so helpful. They never let me quit on myself and pushed me to new heights. " *

    - Stefanie Feinstein

  • " I can be the one to beat cancer and come out the other side healthier and stronger. " *

    - Andrea Dusenberry

  • " I feel so much healthier, so much happier, more energetic. The intimidated woman who first walked into the studio is gone, an empowered YOUNGER, MORE FIT and confident woman in her place. " *

    - Heather St. John

  • " I've lost 13 pounds and have more energy than I can ever remember having. I feel incredible!! " *

    - Lauren Pluchino

  • " For once in my life, I believe in what I'm doing, I know what I'm doing, and I love what I'm doing, and there's no way I'm going to give up. " *

    - Maggie Ankoudinova

  • " I now feel amazing sexy comfortable in my clothes. And love to look at my fit figure everytime I walk by a mirror. :) " *

    - Maria Vazquez

  • " Hard work pays off!! It's even better when you're having fun doing it! If I can do it, anyone can! " *

    - Shannon McKenna

  • " I love how my arms are toning up! My abs are finally pulling down too. This was exactly what my lower body needs! " *

    - Allison Rogers

  • " I feel amazing and comfortable in my own skin for maybe the first time in my life and that's what " *

    - Abby

  • " I used the contest as motivation for myself and everyone around me to accomplish my goals. " *

    - Anthony Arato

  • " Ilovekickboxing has helped me lose 14 pounds! I'll be 30yrs old next week and I don't remember feeling this good since highschool! " *

    - Monique

  • " The instructor would never ever let me stop working harder, so that really helped a lot! If I would have gone to the gym alone, I would probably not have pushed myself as hard. " *

    - Ashley Avila

  • " I feel great! If this is what getting older feels like, I can kick it's butt. I sincerely thank you ILoveKickboxing. " *

    - Michael W. Mitchell

  • " If it was not for your school, I would not have been able to achieve such great success. Your instructors led me on a path that has changed my life. " *

    - Kristopher Eisner

  • " I feel like I deserve to walk around with an air of confidence, I have worked hard. " *

    - Dominique Tinsley

* Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition.
Please consult with a physician before beginning any exercise program.

The iLoveKickboxing Formula

Are you ready to transform your body?

warm up

We start off classes with a flurry of awesome exercises like squats, lunges, jumping squats, double lunges, pushups, burpies, ab work, and more to get you loose & ready!


Now that your body is warm and limber - we stretch out those muscles to make you feel great, prevent injury, and help you perform the kickboxing moves like a total champ.

bag work

Now it's time to strap on your gloves and punch and kick those calories right off of your body. (Don't worry about getting your own gloves - we give you brand new ones for FREE!)

partner drills

This part of class always gets tons of laughter and smiles. You'll team up with a fellow member and have fun with exciting drills that get you both burning calories and having a blast.


Now that we're getting near the end of class - we finish off with more awesome exercises that burn calories, tone muscle, and make you feel GREAT. A full-body workout.

cool down

We got your heart beating like crazy throughout the entire class. Now it's time to cool you down and help you relax so you can go back home feeling simply awesome.

Yes, I'm Ready To Transform My Body! Show Me The Class Schedule & Special Offers


How many people are in a group class?

Classes will range between 15-30 people. The larger the class, the more instructors to help out

Will there be other beginners in my class?

Absolutely. There are always beginners in class. Plus, the advanced students are always eager to help you get you on your way

Will you help me with my nutritional habits?

Not only do we cover nutrition tips in class, you can schedule a personal appointment with an instructor to cover your specific questions.

Is your class a 'cardio kickboxing' class?

Our class is not a "follow the leader/punch the air" cardio class. It is a well-balanced workout consisting of cardio training and resistance training to help you burn fat and tone muscle in a short amount of time.

Will your kickboxing class help me tone up?

The combination of cardio, resistance training and proper diet (which we will help you with!) will help you to tone up very quickly.

How many classes per week should I attend?

We have classes 6 days a week so the amount of classes you take is based on your own personal schedule. Most of our members train about 1-3 times per week and see great results.

Why can't I just do some 'cardio' instead of kickboxing?

You absolutely can just do cardio BUT, without the right amount of proper resistance training, you won't see the results you're looking for as quickly and effectively. Cardio can be an important part of a fat loss program but you need to develop lean muscle tissue to really turn your body into a fat melting machine. The only really effective way to do that is through resistance training, which is exactly what our Kickboxing class does. We combine Cardio and Resistance training into one super fat-burning-muscle-sculpting-fun workout!

Do I need to 'get in shape' before I start your classes?

A common misunderstanding is that you need to be 'in shape' before starting kickboxing training. This is completely false. Our classes are designed to allow our members to train 'at their own pace' while at the same time, giving the advanced student the opportunity to challenge themselves.

How long do the kickboxing classes last?

Our classes last approximately 60 minutes.

How can I get started?

You can get started by signing up for our amazing web special at

Do the iLoveKickboxing studios offer childcare?

At this time, we do not offer areas for children in the studios.

What are the membership and class prices?

We offer a variety of membership class options. To get the most up to date pricing, please visit an iLoveKickboxing studio near you for details.

What is the minimum age to take classes?

The minimum age to attend class is 13 years of age.

Are classes co-ed?

Yes! although most classes consist of about 90% females, anyone is welcomed to workout with us!

Can you attend classes at multiple locations with your iLoveKickboxing membership?

No, As all locations are individually owned.

array(15) { [0]=> array(19) { ["id"]=> string(2) "34" ["language"]=> string(7) "english" ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["headline"]=> string(45) "Lost 21.5 lbs & went from 10 to a size 6" ["copy"]=> string(116) "My trainers at iLoveKickboxing have been so helpful. They never let me quit on myself and pushed me to new heights. " ["spanish_copy"]=> string(132) "Mis entrenadores de han sido de gran ayuda. Nunca me permitieron abandonar y me empujaron hacia alturas nuevas." ["long_copy"]=> string(3528) "I have been an athlete my entire life—honestly, I can’t remember a time or an age that I wasn’t doing something that was considered athletic. I played a Division I sport in college and went on to coach a Division I school for two years. When I was finished my playing career I kept up my workout regimen for a while, but thought I deserved a break. I took some time away from the gym and focused on other aspects of my life. Everything was going smoothly for a while until this past year when real life became incredibly stressful and like a lot of other people, I turned to eating as the answer. I wasn’t necessarily eating bad things; I was just eating too much. Then I found ilovekickboxing – Coventry, RI. It has honestly changed my life. I started taking classes in April and instantly fell in love. It became my new escape. That’s when I got wind of the 45 Day Transformation Challenge and knew this was the perfect thing for me. I love a good competition and it was the perfect way for me to shed a few pounds. I started out by talking to my trainers about different diet habits and options that would be good to try and discussing a workout routine to follow for the weeks ahead. What worked right off the bat was keeping a food log; I wrote down everything that I ate and how many calories it was. It really made me understand and appreciate what I was putting into my body. I cut out a lot of carbs, sugars, alcohol, and saturated fats that I didn’t need and didn’t even realize I had been putting into my body. Workout wise I averaged 5-7 ilovekickboxing classes per week, along with Muay Thai, and workouts that I had written for myself to do in a regular gym. It was a hard and demanding schedule, but it worked and was absolutely worth it. Something else that helped me get through was the daily ‘blog’ I was keeping on Facebook – every morning I would post a status with the day of the competition and an update including what I had done, what I was going to do that day, recipes, and emotionally how I was feeling. I picked up a handful of followers who would comment and like my statuses which was a lot more motivating than I expected it to be. I wanted to do well to show those people that it could be done! The later in the Challenge it got, the harder everything seemed. I wanted so badly to stay motivated to reach my goals. My trainers at ilovekickboxing were so helpful. They never let me quit on myself and pushed me to new heights. By the end of the competition I had lost 21.5 pounds—a pound and half past my goal for the Challenge. I dropped two pant sizes from a size 10 to a size 6, which is a size that I have never been able to wear. I went from medium or large shirts to smalls and I gained a significant amount of muscle in my upper and lower body, all the while toning up my core. I still have a li ge was the exact kick in the behind that I needed to get going. As nice as it would be to win or even place in the top 10, I have already won. I surpassed the goals that I set for myself and completely changed my lifestyle. I am now healthier and stronger than I have ever been and that in itself is the greatest victory. I can’t thank my support system enough—all of my trainers, friends, family, and boyfriend who stood by my side through the entire process—I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for them. Thank you, ilovekickboxing for giving the motivation and confidence to reach my goals. I am truly grateful." ["first_name"]=> string(8) "Stefanie" ["last_name"]=> string(9) "Feinstein" ["location"]=> string(8) "Coventry" ["weight_loss"]=> string(2) "22" ["signature"]=> string(0) "" ["filename"]=> string(16) "testimonial3.jpg" ["sort"]=> string(1) "0" ["status"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_winner"]=> NULL ["transformation_runner_up"]=> NULL ["purple_glove"]=> NULL ["url"]=> NULL } [1]=> array(19) { ["id"]=> string(2) "45" ["language"]=> string(7) "english" ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["headline"]=> string(0) "" ["copy"]=> string(83) "I can be the one to beat cancer and come out the other side healthier and stronger." ["spanish_copy"]=> string(100) "Yo puedo ser quien le gane al cáncer y quien surja del otro lado más sana y fuerte. ¿Por qué no?" ["long_copy"]=> string(2931) "I Love Kickboxing Fitness Challenge 2014 Andrea Dusenberry This challenge has been a huge confidence booster, both in my physical appearance and ability, and my state of mind. It started off with lots of clichés…”Why not me,” (quote thanks to Russell Wilson, Seahawks quarterback), “What would you do if you weren’t afraid of failure,” and the ever popular Journey song “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Really, why not me? There is nothing stopping me from being successful except myself. The first part of the challenge was to get my head straight. The proper, positive mindset is the biggest part for me. Eight years ago, at age 37, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I put my physical body in the care of the doctor, but knew that mentally I had to visualize a long and healthy life. This challenge is just another step at keeping me living a long and healthy life. Why not me? I can be the one to beat cancer and come out the other side healthier and stronger. Why not me? I can take on this fitness challenge and come out a winner!! What would you do if you weren’t afraid of failure? I have never understood this phrase before. I’m not a big risk taker. Anything I want to do, I do because it is usually a safe endeavor and chances are I’ll be successful. This challenge is way outside of my comfort zone. Before and after pictures??? No thanks!! A video of myself??? Yuck! And being accountable to myself for my workouts AND eating habits??? That sounds awful!! BUT, there really is no chance at failure in this as long as I keep going to kickboxing and eating like I know I should. Don’t Stop Believin’! Yep, that song played a couple of times during kickboxing class, and I took it to heart. I worked a little harder, knowing that I can’t stop believing in myself. It was hard, all that sweating, punching and kicking! Passing up the goodies in the staff room at school wasn’t easy either, there is always something to munch on. I would say that I have a sweet tooth, but after 45 days of no refined sugar or processed food, I think that sweet tooth is gone. I feel AMAZING that sugar and food in general doesn’t have a hold on my mind. I used to lie in bed at night, mentally beating myself up while reviewing what awful food choices I made during the day. I can now go to sleep feeing great (no food coma or guilt) and look forward to waking up the next morning ready for a new day. (AND everything in my closet fits…nothing is too tight!) The Fitness Challenge has made a huge impact on me. I LOVE that I made it all the way through, got healthier, lost weight and found some hidden biceps. I do love kickboxing and all the instructors at the Kirkland, WA location. I am so happy I did this, and will continue the new habits that I have put into action. Here are a few of my stats: Weight lost: 18 lbs. Inches lost: Waist: 3.5” Hips: 3” Thighs: 1.5”" ["first_name"]=> string(6) "Andrea" ["last_name"]=> string(10) "Dusenberry" ["location"]=> string(12) "Kirkland, WA" ["weight_loss"]=> string(2) "18" ["signature"]=> string(0) "" ["filename"]=> string(0) "" ["sort"]=> string(1) "0" ["status"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_winner"]=> NULL ["transformation_runner_up"]=> NULL ["purple_glove"]=> NULL ["url"]=> NULL } [2]=> array(19) { ["id"]=> string(2) "46" ["language"]=> string(7) "english" ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["headline"]=> string(0) "" ["copy"]=> string(187) "I feel so much healthier, so much happier, more energetic. The intimidated woman who first walked into the studio is gone, an empowered YOUNGER, MORE FIT and confident woman in her place." ["spanish_copy"]=> string(197) "Me siento mucho más sana, mucho más feliz. La tímida mujer que entró al gimnasio por primera vez ha desaparecido. Una mujer fortalecida MÁS JOVEN, MÁS EN FORMA y más segura ocupó su lugar." ["long_copy"]=> string(9170) "My Story I bought a groupon deal for ilovekickboxing about a year ago. It was very easy to click that “purchase” button, but much harder to take the next step. I was so intimidated. I had never belonged to a gym, I had never taken an exercise class. I had every excuse imaginable NOT to go: • “I don’t know how to box.” • “I’m not fit enough to get through the class.” • “I will embarrass myself.” • “I don’t have the time.” • “I won’t fit in…I am an old lady with two grown children! “ I spent months working up the courage to go, waiting until the very day the groupon expired. I recall being so nervous walking through that door. But walking out an hour or so later, I had such a feeling of accomplishment, and quickly realized ilovekickboxing is something I wanted to make a part of my life. From the outset, it felt like a family. The instructor and group were so welcoming, encouraging and positive. The classes were difficult, but everyone did the best he or she could do, so it was appropriate for all levels. The camaraderie and partner work made it easier to push myself. And most of all, it was fun! I went to a couple classes a week, and was really enjoying it, but eventually summer arrived, the kids were home from college, and I began eating more and exercising less. The “45 Day Transformation” was the jump start I needed to get serious about my fitness and set some new goals. The timing was perfect: I am turning 50 in a couple of months, a big milestone. I have two children graduating college within the next couple years. I have spent the last twenty years taking care of others. The next phase of my life is on the horizon, and I realized I needed to make time for myself. There is a history of cancer and heart disease in my family, and I know my best defense against these is a strong offense, a strong and healthy body. With this in mind, I set my goals, and they were bold: • To be in the best shape of my life at age 50. • To be at the weight I was when I got married 23 years ago. • To build muscle and lose fat, to be toned. • To enter middle age without the health concerns that could stop me from doing the things I want to do some day: play with grandchildren, travel, hike and bike. Although this was a 45 day challenge, I wanted to make a life change, something that I could sustain indefinitely, not just for the 45 days. As suggested by ilovekickboxing, I took a two pronged approach: diet and exercise. I had never really focused on my diet before. My eating habits were far less than ideal: cheeseburgers, pizza, pasta, lots of cake, cookies and ice cream, with a few vegetables and fruits thrown in. I took pride in the fact that I could finish “the 1 pounder” with unlimited fries at the hamburger chain we frequently visited. Multiple bowls of ice cream after dinner were the reward for getting through a tough day. Hey, it was “reduced fat” ice cream, so I could have as much as I wanted! I read the nutrition guidelines provided by ilovekickboxing. I learned that what we put into our bodies really does matter. I started tracking what I had been eating and was shocked by the calories and fat I was consuming on a daily basis. Wow. My diet was heavy on fat and low on protein; I had it backwards! I started reading food labels. Instead of cheeseburgers and pizza, I ate fish and lean chicken and ground turkey. Instead of cookies, cakes and ice cream, I ate greek yogurt, fruit and delicious smoothies. Kale chips took the place of potato chips. I was shopping at farmers’ markets and stocking up on things my fridge had never held before. I wanted to do this naturally, with only food, and without supplements. At first I missed the pizza and sweets. But the healthy food actually began to taste good! And the change in my eating habits made a HUGE difference in how I felt. I had much more energy, I was happier, I was sleeping better, and I could already start to see changes in my body. Since I was the household chef, my husband was an unwillingly participant in my dietary experiment, but I am so happy to report that he made the transition with me and has lost weight as well. The dietary changes formed the platform, and ilovekickboxing took off from there. For the exercise component, I simply increased my kickboxing from two to four days a week, and gave each class 110% effort. I did not visit another gym, I did not lift weights, I only kickboxed and occasionally jogged on some of the off days. Although other contestants were attending double kickboxing classes each day, five days a week, I alternatively chose to go “all in” and push myself as hard as I could in every class, giving my body a day’s rest between sessions. Remember, I wanted to establish a routine that I could keep going for a long time, a lifetime hopefully, not just a program that would help me to win a contest in 45 days. I knew that double kickboxing sessions every day was not going to be practical for my lifestyle. As I completed more classes, my technique got better. As I improved my technique, I increased my power. It is an amazing feeling to knock down the bag with a front kick, or to go hard for a minute of straight punching. It is very empowering and addictive. The contest period is now over. It wasn’t always easy. Some days I didn’t feel like going to class and it took my husband to shoo me out the door with a reminder, “You always come home so happy from class…Go!” Some days I really craved chocolate chip cookies! But I held fast to my plan and I am thrilled with my results. I am so proud of myself, and happy to report: • I lost 12 pounds, about 9% of my body weight. I am now at the weight I was when I got married. I still fit in my wedding gown! I need new jeans! • I have definitely added muscle and have reduced fat. My arms and legs are toned, and I can see a glimpse of abs. This is definitely something new! I never imagined I would be able to see abdominal muscles as a mother of two children in their twenties. • My strength and conditioning have improved tremendously. At my first kickboxing session, I did pushups on my knees. Last week in class I did 30 pushups…the real ones! I feel so much stronger. Yard work that I struggled through last fall is a breeze now. • Sweet and fatty food is no longer a reward for getting through a difficult day….a kickboxing session is! I never fail to come home from a class in a good mood. • I view food as fuel for my body. Just as I wouldn’t put diesel in a car that takes regular gas, I give my body the same level of respect. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever eat a cookie, or that I have given up pizza for life. But the major changes I have made in my diet have seemed to stick. I don’t crave the unhealthy foods I used to, I actually still haven’t eaten any of them since the contest ended a few days ago. • I feel absolutely fantastic. I truly feel that I am in the best shape of my life! I am really happy that I am putting myself in a good position to avoid the health problems my parents are fighting. I feel empowered to tackle any physical or mental challenge life throws my way. I actually think more clearly, and I sleep better. • I have made a new set of friends. This was not a goal, but a great unexpected benefit. We look out for each other, support each other, and have fun. • I have learned about self defense. This is also not something I had thought to put on my goal list, but I am happy to have these skills should I ever need them. I am a different person from when I started this challenge. My external transformation may not be as dramatic as others’, but I certainly see and feel the changes in my body. I feel so much healthier, so much happier, more energetic. The intimidated woman who first walked into the studio is gone, an empowered YOUNGER, MORE FIT and confident woman in her place. I have come to believe that in this crazy world that seems to spin so fast and out of control sometimes, there is much of our life that we CAN control. So much of our health is in our hands, and diet and exercise choices can make a dramatic difference. Ilovekickboxing is the perfect exercise tool. It is a cardio workout, it is strength training. No two classes are ever the same. It is never boring and always fun and challenging. I have been encouraging my friends to join me at a class; I want to spread the word! I want people to know that a 50-year old woman can do this. A mother of two grown children can do this. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t say you’ll do it later. Take the first step now and go to a class. It could be a life changer for you. I can honestly say that I NEVER would have been at this point, sharing these beliefs and my achievements, without participating in the ilovekickboxing 45 day transformation challenge. Thanks for the incentive. I won’t FIT in. LOSE THE EXCUSE….. I’m not FIT enough to kickbox. I can’t FIT it into my schedule. CHOOSE TO BE FIT…… join ilovekickboxing!" ["first_name"]=> string(7) "Heather" ["last_name"]=> string(8) "St. John" ["location"]=> string(11) "Chester, NJ" ["weight_loss"]=> string(2) "13" ["signature"]=> string(0) "" ["filename"]=> string(0) "" ["sort"]=> string(1) "0" ["status"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_winner"]=> NULL ["transformation_runner_up"]=> NULL ["purple_glove"]=> NULL ["url"]=> NULL } [3]=> array(19) { ["id"]=> string(2) "47" ["language"]=> string(7) "english" ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["headline"]=> string(0) "" ["copy"]=> string(93) "I've lost 13 pounds and have more energy than I can ever remember having. I feel incredible!!" ["spanish_copy"]=> string(105) "Bajé 5,9 kilos en tan sólo 45 días y tengo más energía de la que nunca tuve. ¡Me siento increíble!" ["long_copy"]=> string(3029) "I feel like my story begins as a familiar one. I’ve always struggled with unhealthy eating, yo-yo dieting, sugar addiction, and fighting off 10-20 pounds of excess weight. I gained about ten pounds from my healthiest weight and then gained and lost the same four additional pounds over and over again year after year. I work full time and before I joined “I Love Kickboxing” ate mostly microwaved meals and canned food, running to the gym once a week to assuage my guilt and to try and convince myself that I was still reasonable healthy despite my bad habits. Not surprisingly, fatigue began to set in and emotional stress began to pile up. As an oncology social worker who provides free counseling to cancer patients and their families for a living, I am used to willingly bearing the emotional weight of others on my shoulders, but my own personal stressors started to morph my daily fatigue into depression. I started to find myself sitting on the couch when I got home from work and not moving (except to eat non-stop!) until bedtime. I thought I was coping with my stress okay until one day someone asked me, “So how are you? What’s new?” and I answered: “I’m fine. I mean, I’m stressed but good. Well, actually I recently found out that my father has end stage cancer. Oh, and my grandmother who helped raise me has been sliding into dementia pretty quickly, which has been really hard for me too. Also, I just had sinus-surgery and lost my singing voice which was one of my only personal joys in life…but I’m handling it.” After hearing my answer out loud, it finally hit me: I was not okay. After ruminating on this for a week or so and trying to figure out how to make myself whole again, I happened to check my email and found a Groupon for “I Love Kickboxing.” I remember having taken some kickboxing classes years ago and really enjoying them. I thought to myself I had to do something to get off the couch, get out of my own head, and take some control back in my life, so I took the leap and bought the Groupon. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did. “I Love Kickboxing” has completely turned my life around! I am no longer a slave to fatigue, depression, or stress. I go to class weekly with my boyfriend which has totally revived our (especially my) zest for life! I have lost 4 inches off my waist, two inches off each thigh, and amazingly two inches off EACH arm. I’ve lost 13 pounds in a matter of 45 days and have more energy than I can ever remember having. I feel incredible!! And although I can’t change all of life’s stressors, “I Love Kickboxing” has given me the stamina, heart and attitude to be able to face those stressors head on and with renewed hope and vigor! I wish I could adequately put into words what this class has done for me physically, emotionally, and mentally. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made and “I Love Kickboxing” is the absolute best kickboxing class out there! THANK YOU ILKB!!!" ["first_name"]=> string(6) "Lauren" ["last_name"]=> string(8) "Pluchino" ["location"]=> string(4) "Atco" ["weight_loss"]=> string(2) "13" ["signature"]=> string(0) "" ["filename"]=> string(0) "" ["sort"]=> string(1) "0" ["status"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_winner"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_runner_up"]=> NULL ["purple_glove"]=> NULL ["url"]=> NULL } [4]=> array(19) { ["id"]=> string(2) "48" ["language"]=> string(7) "english" ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["headline"]=> string(0) "" ["copy"]=> string(140) "For once in my life, I believe in what I'm doing, I know what I'm doing, and I love what I'm doing, and there's no way I'm going to give up." ["spanish_copy"]=> string(158) "Por primera vez en mi vida, creo en lo que estoy haciendo, sé lo que estoy haciendo, y amo lo que estoy haciendo, y no nada que me vaya a hacer abandonarlo." ["long_copy"]=> string(5023) "Come August, I heard about the 45 Day Challenge. I’d already lost 20 pounds since May this year, but I really wasn’t trying as hard as I should have been to improve my health. Still, I was enthusiastic about this opportunity to push myself to the limit. I told lots of people I was doing this challenge (I was so excited I couldn’t keep it to myself) and for the most part, I was met with either a “Why?” or people laughing at me and telling me that I’d give up after a week. What these people did not know was that these comments actually provided even more motivation for me. I was determined to prove them wrong. When the challenge began, I went on a very strict diet. Three small meals a day, no carbs, no snacks. On top of that, every day I did morning and evening workouts, walked my dog for an hour, and did kickboxing three times a week. Needless to say, I was not getting enough calories to support my exercise, and I became very hungry and tired. About a week in, I talked to my nutritionist friend, and she helped me to fix my diet and lessen my workouts. The hunger disappeared, but it was replaced with guilt. I felt guilty for not being hungry. I didn’t want to eat. I was aware that this was a toxic mindset. I knew that I shouldn’t feel guilty, that food is fuel, that eating is absolutely necessary. Yet the feeling was persistent. Still I forced myself to eat, and I worked very hard to develop a healthy relationship with my food. Mostly, what it took was constantly reminding myself, over and over and over again, that I had to eat, that food is good. And eventually, I began to believe it. Still, the hardships were far from over. On the 1st of September, I also began my senior year of high school. The first few weeks it was easy to manage the exercise and the extracurriculars, but as the amount of homework went up, it became harder to juggle everything. On top of my schoolwork and studying, I had to walk my dog for an hour each day, do my chores, cook myself food (no one else in my family was dieting so I had to fend for myself), go to the gym, work on college applications and attend robotics for two hours every Tuesday and Thursday. My sleep suffered, six hours a night became lucky. I had no idea how I was going to keep this up. As soon as I knocked one stressor out of the way, another rose to the surface. I lived on the verge of a breakdown. So I asked myself what aspect of my lifestyle I was willing to give up, and I realized I didn’t want to sacrifice anything. But most of all, I didn’t want to give up exercise. I fell in love with it. My workouts became the highlight of my day; they were my stress relief rather than a responsibility. When my mom suggested that I work out less in order to relieve some of the tension, it didn’t even seem like a possibility. I felt lost without kickboxing, or cycling, or dance. They were my sustenance. But I knew that the key to all of this was sustainability, and that lifestyle simple wasn’t sustainable. My solution was self-organization. I made strict schedules for every day, and stuck to them for a couple of weeks. I had to learn self-control. I limited my downtime to twenty minutes, and found that I could fit in more sleep if I really wanted to. Eventually I didn’t need my schedules anymore, and simply used willpower to keep myself focused on what I had to do rather than what I wanted to do. And it worked! My body and my mind rewarded me for my new lifestyle. Now, my waist is four inches smaller. My arms are starting to have form. My stomach and legs are more toned. I can see my collarbones. I can do pushups on my toes rather than on my knees. I feel happier. I feel stronger, both physically and mentally. I feel more in control. I never imagined myself as one of those girls who exercises all the time or eats healthy. But as this challenge went on, I found myself becoming this girl. I exercise hard and often. It makes me feel amazing, it gives me a rush: I get excited just thinking about my next workout. I find myself choosing healthier food options, not because I’m holding myself back but because they genuinely sound better to me. I even started a fitness blog ( which became my favorite social media site to visit. I fill it with motivational quotes, pictures of delicious but healthy meals, goals for myself, health tips, and my own small victories. I’ve found a passion for health and fitness. Though this challenge has come to an end, my progress is far from over. I’m going to continue on with my new lifestyle without stopping like I did the first time I tried to lose weight. For once in my life, I believe in what I’m doing, I know what I’m doing, and I love what I’m doing, and there’s no way I’m going to give up. And to those people that said I couldn’t do it, I say thank you for giving me the final push in changing my life, and making it the best it’s ever been." ["first_name"]=> string(6) "Maggie" ["last_name"]=> string(11) "Ankoudinova" ["location"]=> string(12) "Kirkland, WA" ["weight_loss"]=> string(2) "22" ["signature"]=> string(0) "" ["filename"]=> string(0) "" ["sort"]=> string(1) "0" ["status"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_winner"]=> NULL ["transformation_runner_up"]=> string(1) "1" ["purple_glove"]=> NULL ["url"]=> NULL } [5]=> array(19) { ["id"]=> string(2) "49" ["language"]=> string(7) "english" ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["headline"]=> string(0) "" ["copy"]=> string(117) "I now feel amazing sexy comfortable in my clothes. And love to look at my fit figure everytime I walk by a mirror. :)" ["spanish_copy"]=> string(136) "Ahora me siento sorprendente, sexy, cómoda en mi ropa. Y me encanta mirar mi figura saludable cada vez que paso frente a un espejo. :)" ["long_copy"]=> string(2781) "A couple of reason’s I joined this 45 day transformation. At 158 lbs & the scale climbing. I was not happy with my appearance & hated taking picture’s. My health was also at risk. My cholesterol was high, my knees were starting to hurt me, from all that extra weight I was carrying around. So joining this contest was motivation for me. Somewhere to start my fitness journey. Something to push me. As I Know someone else would be watching my progress. ( My ILKB fit fam) It makes me feel like I can’t FAIL. I can’t fail my kids my grandkids. They need me healthy. My parent’s are not healthy they have a lot of health issue’s. I see this and don’t want to become them. It hurts me that I can’t do things with my mother like going for walks going to the mall and do shopping, some things as simple as going out to eat is a difficult task for my mother. She gets easily winded being overweight. And has been like this since she was in her 30’s. I don’t want my children ever feeling this way. I want to be able to enjoy life,I want to be able to run, walk, especially being able to dance which is my passion. During this transformation there were a lot of obstacle’s. Temptation everywhere, candy, cake, take out food. Socializing with friends was hard as they didn’t understand how important this was to me. Even working out was hard. Being a full time working mother a wife a grandmother all sometimes got in the way of working out. So I knew this was going to a difficult process in the beginning. It was going to take determination and motivation. So I started preparing meals the night before. Starting bringing my dish to social events so that I would be able to have a healthy choice. It was time for me to stay focus and become healthy. After 2 wks. I no longer cared or craved all that temptation. I was now strong and focused. Eating clean has become a way of life for me. I now have people come ask me to help them with meal preparations for the week. This makes me feel proud that I can help other’s with there journey. I now crave working out & even picked up running on the weekends. I could finally do the first 15 minute’s of class ( kickboxing) without stopping to breathe. Also sleeping in on the weekends was not as important, getting up & working out was. I feel energetic. I don’t feel tired worn or down. I now feel amazing sexy comfortable in my clothes. And love to look at my fit figure everytime I walk by a mirror. :) .To date I have lost 16 lb’s. Putting me at 142 lbs. Also losing 3 inches from my waist, 4 inches from my hip’s , 1 inch from my arm’s , an inch from my chest, and 1.5 inces from my thigh’s. My journey will continue as my goal weight is 130 lb’s. Thank you ILKB TEAM." ["first_name"]=> string(5) "Maria" ["last_name"]=> string(7) "Vazquez" ["location"]=> string(12) "Brockton, MA" ["weight_loss"]=> string(2) "16" ["signature"]=> string(0) "" ["filename"]=> string(0) "" ["sort"]=> string(1) "0" ["status"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_winner"]=> NULL ["transformation_runner_up"]=> NULL ["purple_glove"]=> NULL ["url"]=> NULL } [6]=> array(19) { ["id"]=> string(2) "50" ["language"]=> string(7) "english" ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["headline"]=> string(0) "" ["copy"]=> string(98) "Hard work pays off!! It's even better when you're having fun doing it! If I can do it, anyone can!" ["spanish_copy"]=> string(128) "¡El trabajo duro da resultados! ¡Es mejor aún si te estás divirtiendo mientras lo haces! ¡Si yo puedo hacer, todos pueden!" ["long_copy"]=> string(4408) "HI GUYS!!!! The 4 minute video was not nearly enough to explain/express everything. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. been a life changer! In 45 days, I lost 21 lbs! I lost a ton of inches! I’ve lost over 13% of body weight! People compliment me daily! I've toned up. I look better. I feel better. I'm less angry. I'm less moody. I'm less stressed. I've gained strength. I've gained endurance. I've gained energy. I've gained knowledge. I've gained health. I LIKE working out. I LIKE eating better. I LIKE getting up early. The one thing I don’t like any more is sitting around…..All because of ILOVEKICKBOXING.COM A little background: I am 33 years old, have a 13 year old daughter, from Greendale, WI. Weightwise, I have been up and down my entire life. I never ate right. Even as kids, our veggies were potatoes and corn, not even considered to be real veggies these days. I partied a lot, drank a lot, never exercised, ate fast food almost daily. I've dealt with depression and anxiety for many years. At about 30 years old, I hit 170 lbs, I was always angry, upset, never in a good mood. I decided it was time for a change. I tried my first salad! I bought my first treadmill. I slowly started working out, eating better, feeling better. I lost about 25 lbs over the next couple of years. I can't say I was completely healthy, but on my way, and becoming proud of what I had accomplished so far. In October last year, I went for my yearly female check up. I had some biopsies done and have a cancer. It has spread to your 3rd and final layer of skin before it spreads through your body!! I had to have surgery ASAP, which I did. It was a partial vulvectomy. Because of the location, I couldn't walk for about a week, nor workout for about 3 months. By the time I could go back to working out, I was already in my lazy, eating bad (or as I like to call it, eating my feelings) mode. I was just going through the motions. I wasn't into to at all, and figured since there's a high rate of recurrence, it didn't even matter. I did come to realize I NEEDED to get my health back. I needed to lesson my chances of it coming back. I needed to find something new, something I could stick to. I came across on the internet by accident. It was like 3 minutes from my house. There was a special going on. So I decided to try it mid-April this year. After a couple of classes, I came to LOOOVE it. I would have this high after class (something I never had with any other exercise). I would have so much energy, I didn't know what to do with it! It was the most awesome feeling!!! I signed up for a package after my trial. I started going a little more. Soon after, I saw the info for the challenge. The challenge couldn’t have come at a better time. Something to motivate me even more, get me back into shape, get me healthy! I registered, went to class a little more... and more….and more. I lost 10 lbs almost immediately. It was exciting. I got discouraged in the middle, as I hit a plateau for a bit. But I stuck through it and lost 11 more. Learning that your mind is one of your biggest obstacles, is probably the best thing in life, in any area. Getting to class is half the battle. You WILL feel better after, even if you're having a bad day. Having the instructors check on your progress, ask you questions, motivate you, listen to you is awesome! Learning that exercise can help you relieve stress and have a better outcome than food is awesome! Hard work pays off!! It’s even better when you’re having fun doing it! If I can do it, anyone can! My instructors were huge motivators. Amber Lynn’s posts and pics were motivators (peanut butter/banana ice cream: AMAZING). Having the challenge group online was a motivator. It brought a lot of people going through the same thing together to support one another, and created a lot of new friends along the way! I can't even express how much has changed my life in so many aspects. You go into it thinking you may lose a couple pounds, which will happen, but there is so much more on top of that, both mentally and physically, that apply in every direction of life you can think of! THANK YOU HANSHI SERRANO AND ILOVEKICKBOXING.COM...IM BAAACCCKKK!!!!!!!" ["first_name"]=> string(7) "Shannon" ["last_name"]=> string(7) "McKenna" ["location"]=> string(9) "Greendale" ["weight_loss"]=> string(2) "21" ["signature"]=> string(0) "" ["filename"]=> string(0) "" ["sort"]=> string(1) "0" ["status"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_winner"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_runner_up"]=> NULL ["purple_glove"]=> NULL ["url"]=> NULL } [7]=> array(19) { ["id"]=> string(2) "51" ["language"]=> string(7) "english" ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["headline"]=> string(0) "" ["copy"]=> string(113) "I love how my arms are toning up! My abs are finally pulling down too. This was exactly what my lower body needs!" ["spanish_copy"]=> string(177) "¡Me encanta que mis brazos se estén tonificando! Mis abdominales también se están formando finalmente. ¡Esto es exactamente lo que la parte inferior de mi cuerpo necesita!" ["long_copy"]=> string(2509) "I was motivated by the delicious recipes and suggestions posted on the ILoveKickboxing blog and the facebook page posts by the other contestants. Knowing that there were thousands of people competing and busting their butts in classes too! I wanted to be the best and work the hardest out of my class everytime! Feeling my clothes hang a little more loose every week was the best too. I stayed on track by taking to everyday as a fresh start. If I didn’t run in the morning, I would go before my ilovekickboxing class that evening. Even with my diet I made sure to balance my meals and not get overwhelmed with how long the contest was. I would go to bed and make sure to eat breakfast everymorning and eat when I wasn’t hungry! I ate clean and detoxed for the first two weeks, then allowed a little sugar in my coffee in the morning. I really learned that you can have anything in moderation! Water and waiting really helped to curb my cravings. I went for a walk and drank some water or waited even for ten minutes. I promised myself that I could have anything I wanted when this contest is over. But now that it is I don’t really want any of it! Pizza, ice cream, etc. Its all too much! Just a taste is so fulfilling now. Mental and emotional stress were always prominent. This challenge was really tough mentally and emotionally. I am the only one in my family that is this active and is willing to restrict my diet of certain foods. For a while I felt all alone! But I turned to the ilovekickboxing blog and realized I am not and that this life style change is for a greater purpose. Time management was imperative. I work full time and go to school full time. My ilovekickboxing studio offers classes on Mondays and Fridays at 6am and up until 9:15 during the week. This was a lifesaver! I love how my arms are toning up! My abs are finally pulling down too. This was exactly what my lower body needs! I was a little anxious starting, then I got into the flow of my weekly routine and I can go two days with out getting to a class! I am more thrilled than when I completed my first sprint triathlon last year! All in all my life is different now. My motto is "everything in moderation” is. I don’t go overboard with food, drinking, and social activities. I have truly created a balance thanks to this contest! We can all dedicate our time to becoming more fit. I truly believe its not about “having” the time but “making” the time to get to those classes." ["first_name"]=> string(7) "Allison" ["last_name"]=> string(6) "Rogers" ["location"]=> string(13) "Oysterbay, NY" ["weight_loss"]=> string(2) "10" ["signature"]=> string(0) "" ["filename"]=> string(0) "" ["sort"]=> string(1) "0" ["status"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_winner"]=> NULL ["transformation_runner_up"]=> NULL ["purple_glove"]=> NULL ["url"]=> NULL } [8]=> array(19) { ["id"]=> string(2) "52" ["language"]=> string(7) "english" ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["headline"]=> string(0) "" ["copy"]=> string(97) "I feel amazing and comfortable in my own skin for maybe the first time in my life and that's what" ["spanish_copy"]=> string(96) "Me siento genial y cómoda con mi propio cuerpo quizás por primera vez en mi vida y eso es algo" ["long_copy"]=> string(2211) "The term "challenge" was definitely appropriate for me. During the past 45 days my four and a half year relationship with my daughter's father came to an end. Being that my normal coping mechanism for emotional hardship is to sit in front of the TV and drown my sorrows in a pint (or 10) of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, I almost felt like I was doomed to fall of the wagon. But I didn't. I knew I owed it to myself and all the hard work I put in over the past year (and especially the past couple months) to persevere through it. Instead of drowning my emotions in food, I instead focused them on exercise. The payoff was almost immeasurable (besides the 8 pounds and 2 dress sizes I lost during the challenge). I am 27 years old, a single mom, 19 months post having a baby and am in the best shape of my life. I am 70 pounds less than I was after having my baby, and about 20 pounds less than I was at my lightest pre-pregnancy weight. I used to hate summer when it was so hot we had to wear tanktops and have our arms exposed. Now my arms are one of my favorite features. I have the energy to work 50/60 hours a week, play with my extremely active daughter from the time I get home to the time she goes to bed, and then go kickbox, run, swim, or what have you afterwards. I was never one of those "skinny girls". Even at my thinnest I had to work extremely hard to get there and still couldn't reach my goals, and eventually lost motivation to maintain it. My arch nemesis since I was about 13, has been a string bikini. Always wanted to be able to wear one, but never felt like I could. This challenge gave me the motivation to finally, after almost 15 years, go out and buy one. I wasn't comfortable in it in the beginning, but I made a promise to myself that I would be at the end of the 45 days. And I kept that promise. Some may say that I shouldn't wear one, being that I am 27 and a mom, but I don't care. I feel amazing and comfortable in my own skin for maybe the first time in my life and that's what should matter, and I definitely have ilovekickboxing to thank for that. I may be a mom, and I LOVE being a mom, but that doesn't mean I have to look like I recently became one." ["first_name"]=> string(4) "Abby" ["last_name"]=> string(0) "" ["location"]=> string(8) "Bethpage" ["weight_loss"]=> string(1) "8" ["signature"]=> string(0) "" ["filename"]=> string(0) "" ["sort"]=> string(1) "0" ["status"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_winner"]=> NULL ["transformation_runner_up"]=> NULL ["purple_glove"]=> NULL ["url"]=> NULL } [9]=> array(19) { ["id"]=> string(2) "53" ["language"]=> string(7) "english" ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["headline"]=> string(0) "" ["copy"]=> string(90) "I used the contest as motivation for myself and everyone around me to accomplish my goals." ["spanish_copy"]=> string(102) "Utilicé eso como motivación para mí mismo y para todos a mí alrededor para alcanzar mis objetivos." ["long_copy"]=> string(1676) "My name is Anthony Arato and this is my story: This challenge has changed my life. My journey began 5 months ago when I walked into I had the opportunity to look in on a class that was being taught. I observed for a few moments and returned about an hour later. I spoke with Megan and after about a 5 minute conversation I signed up for a 3 day trial. I was fortunate to be able to attend that same day and after my first workout I was hooked. I made it a point to bring my passion and determination to every class. I especially love all of the wonderful people who are part of this family of ours. Each and every one of us encourage each other to do our best and NEVER GIVE UP! In the past 45 days I have lost a total of 20 pounds and I have more energy that I have had in the past 15 years. I tell anyone who will listen about my journey and about all the fantastic people I have had the privilege of training with. But this has not been easy, along the way there were people who tried to bring me down and shatter my goals and dreams. They would make fun of me for doing this, but I stood strong. I took all the negative comments and turned them into a fire that could not be extinguished. I used that as motivation for myself and everyone around me to accomplish my goals. Now many of those same people who mocked me are the ones who ask me how I made such a positive difference in my life, and to all of them I say the same thing. Each and every one of us who faces those mats and hits those bags…. WE ARE KICKBOXERS, and WE ARE GREAT AT WHAT WE DO!!!! I have often heard… Why do I do this? Because this…. This is who I am!" ["first_name"]=> string(7) "Anthony" ["last_name"]=> string(5) "Arato" ["location"]=> string(7) "Bayport" ["weight_loss"]=> string(2) "17" ["signature"]=> string(0) "" ["filename"]=> string(0) "" ["sort"]=> string(1) "0" ["status"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_winner"]=> NULL ["transformation_runner_up"]=> NULL ["purple_glove"]=> NULL ["url"]=> NULL } [10]=> array(19) { ["id"]=> string(2) "54" ["language"]=> string(7) "english" ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["headline"]=> string(0) "" ["copy"]=> string(130) "Ilovekickboxing has helped me lose 14 pounds! I'll be 30yrs old next week and I don't remember feeling this good since highschool!" ["spanish_copy"]=> string(173) "¡Ilovekickboxing me ha ayudado a bajar 6,4 kilos en tan sólo 45 días! Cumpliré 30 años la próxima semana ¡y no recuerdo haberme sentido tan bien desde la secundaria!" ["long_copy"]=> string(1017) "First, I would just like to say thank you Ilovekickboxing! 45 days ago I started this challenge. I had no idea I would actually stick to it and complete it. Before I started this challenge, my eating habits were out of control, and my drinking habits were even worse. I had that "quitter" attitude. I'm so grateful for the awesome instructors at the Saugus, MA Ilovekickboxing for all their help and support! The first couple weeks were tough, but I have to say now I enjoy it. I feel accomplished. Today, weighing in at 119.7, I feel amazing, better than I ever have.. Ilovekickboxing has helped me lose 14 pounds in just 45 days! I'll be 30yrs old next week and I don't remember feeling this good since highscool! It was NOT easy, but it was possible. I hope that I can continue this healthy lifestyle, I sure am going to get it my best effort. I feel like such a winner. The best feeling is having all my friends and family look at me now in awe. They are all inspired by me, and to me, that is priceless" ["first_name"]=> string(7) "Monique" ["last_name"]=> string(0) "" ["location"]=> string(8) "Saugusma" ["weight_loss"]=> string(2) "14" ["signature"]=> string(0) "" ["filename"]=> string(0) "" ["sort"]=> string(1) "0" ["status"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_winner"]=> NULL ["transformation_runner_up"]=> NULL ["purple_glove"]=> NULL ["url"]=> NULL } [11]=> array(19) { ["id"]=> string(2) "55" ["language"]=> string(7) "english" ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["headline"]=> string(0) "" ["copy"]=> string(176) "The instructor would never ever let me stop working harder, so that really helped a lot! If I would have gone to the gym alone, I would probably not have pushed myself as hard." ["spanish_copy"]=> string(166) "El instructor nunca me permitió dejar de trabajar más duro ¡y eso realmente ayudo mucho! Si hubiera ido a ejercitarme probablemente no hubiera trabajado tan duro." ["long_copy"]=> string(5944) "Hello my name is Ashley Avila! Like many others joining this competition I wanted to get fit, loose weight, become more confident with my body. I am tall and for the most part exercise when I have “time”. Like many others exercise to me was just a luxury, but never a priority! Now by joining this competition I changed my ways and made exercising and eating healthy the priority! Motivation For the most part I have never been overweight, but my weight has gradually increased over the last year. I gained 15 pounds in one year! That is stress, hormones, age, genetics and lack of exercising playing a role. But what really made me try even harder was the fact that I was pounds away from being considered overweight. I had 29% body fat, which was considered poor. The research shows that once I reached 30% body fat, for women 19-29 years old it would have put me in the obese category! (Jones, 2015) To know that I would be considered obese was shocking. I could not keep this trend. I knew I had to make a change. Once I hit 30% body fat I would be at increased risk for serious health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and overall heart problems as I aged. Just for my overall health and so that I wouldn’t become a statistic I buckled down to make a change. I also wanted to be toned, fit, and confident with my body, but the fact that I wasn’t going to be young forever made me really be proactive NOW! Why ILKB Contest? I chose this competition because it would keep me accountable. I have started many 30 day challenges before, but kind of forgot to keep going. With this competition it was different because there is a set start and stop date. I had 45 days to do it and in the end regardless of winning I would be a winner inside! Also what made me complete this competition again was because I tried last year, but I did not put my full potential. So this time I knew I had to try harder! I did great in the last competition, but then in a year I let the results diminish. I had to prove to myself that regardless of my busy life, I could make exercising a priority. Obstacles and Struggles The greatest obstacles and struggles were time and FOOD! Yes those were my top two obstacles during this challenge! First let’s talk about my favorite topic which is food! I love food especially carbs and cheese. My favorite food is cake! I am obsessed with cake. I learned very quickly that this was something I had to work on, which I did. I stared to “heathify” as much food as I could and if I couldn’t then it was all about portions. When I hit cravings time, I did not deplete myself from the food I simply did not overeat! The hardest part during this challenge was that it was my birthday, my sister’s birthday, my mother’s birthday, and a couple of other birthday parties! Cake, cake, cake pretty much! That meant I had to continue working on my goals while still resisting the delicious cake. Of course I knew that if I had to deplete myself from cake, the next day I would find myself overindulging, so I had a small piece and called it good. But I did do my best to eat healthy. For breakfast I started when oatmeal. Yes that’s right straight oatmeal without any sugar and in water. It was something to get use to, but now I look towards it everyday. It is filling and a great way to start the day. I included as many fruits and vegetables as I could. I would choose brown instead of white. I would drink water and not drink my calories. Small things like that helped me make a difference. I did not recreate the whole wheel during this competition. I did what would help me stay focus and not give up. I even joined a cooking class which is super fun and helps me realize that cooking is not that time consuming. The second obstacle was time! I am currently in nursing school which is a demanding education. I also work 24- 36 hours a week (even though the school greatly discourages it). I also participate in other extra-curricular activities in school. But now I had to make exercising a priority! The hardest time was finding time to work out when I went to school all day and worked night 12 hour shift. But through my busy schedule I made it a priority to work out. I attended 3-5 I Love kickboxing classes a week. My goal was twice a week, but I knew if I had time I had to go. The instructor would never ever let me stop working harder so that really helped a lot! If I would have gone to the gym I would probably not have pushed myself as hard. I also accepted the fact that if I did not exercise one or two days that I would still be okay. I gave myself room to make mistakes. Feelings and Results Right now I am feeling sore from all those burpees and push ups, but I feel great. I am very proud about sticking through this challenge and pushing myself everyday! I am very happy with the results. I was super busy during the 45 days that I really had to time to stop and think about the results. I did not weight myself nor take pictures to keep track. I just have the before and after picture to show the results. To be honest I do not remember my beginning weight, I just remember that I was at 29% body fat. Now 45 days later I am at 26% body fat! I think that is awesome that I lost 4% body fat in just 45 days! I am very proud. I am at 132.5 lbs., but I know weight fluctuates up and down depending on time and date. But I base my results more on the body fat lost! I for sure feel leaner and lighter. My friends always ask “Did you loose weight”, I said yes I am trying to. My mother always says I am already skinny so I do not need to go to kickboxing, but it is not about being skinny it is about being healthy! I wish I would have measured myself, but it is very obvious I have lost inches. I know my future goal is to continue to push myself and continue to go to kickboxing at least twice a week." ["first_name"]=> string(6) "Ashley" ["last_name"]=> string(5) "Avila" ["location"]=> string(9) "Littleton" ["weight_loss"]=> string(2) "11" ["signature"]=> string(0) "" ["filename"]=> string(0) "" ["sort"]=> string(1) "0" ["status"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_winner"]=> NULL ["transformation_runner_up"]=> NULL ["purple_glove"]=> NULL ["url"]=> NULL } [12]=> array(19) { ["id"]=> string(1) "3" ["language"]=> string(7) "english" ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["headline"]=> string(53) "“I lost 37 pounds in 45 days. Thank you.”" ["copy"]=> string(116) "I feel great! If this is what getting older feels like, I can kick it's butt. I sincerely thank you ILoveKickboxing." ["spanish_copy"]=> string(142) "¡Me siento excelente! Si así es como se siente envejecer, puedo patearle el trasero. Mis más sinceros agradecimientos a I Love Kickboxing." ["long_copy"]=> string(2035) "I thought I was just growing older: aches down to my bones, no energy. I thought "If this is growing older, you can have it" Then it got worse. During a year of medical tests while they were figuring it out, I was instructed to sit on my couch lest I have a stroke. My weight ballooned. I ducked all social events. I shaved and brushed my teeth in the shower to avoid mirrors. Finally I was diagnosed: Graves disease. Good news, it's treatable. I was cleared to exercise around New Years: my weight loss resolution to achieve goal weight by my 60th birthday in November. I started out well the first few weeks, then failed back, tried again, failed, and again and again and again... then, almost hopeless I googled weight loss support groups, nutrition, kickboxing, competition and up popped the I Love Kickboxing's 45 day challenge. I thought "structure, discipline, competition, that's it. I don't know if I can do it anymore but if I can, that's it." I ran down and signed up. Best decision of my life. I think the genius of the 45 day program is the pairing of competition and camaraderie: the motivation I found impossible to sustain on my own came so easily when competing to "win" combined with the camaraderie with instructors and classmates. The highlight of most days is working out. I find myself running to improve my endurance for class; yoga for flexibility, all the while the ticking clock of the 45 days urges you to do more, more than maybe you ever thought you could do. I have lost 37 pounds in 45 days while gaining muscle and endurance. I recognize myself again. I can look in a mirror now without wincing. I've gone from a button-popping 40 waist to a comfortable 34. I feel great! If this is what getting older feels like, I can kick it's butt. I sincerely thank you I Love Kickboxing. p.s. check in with me at the end of the next 45 days when I turn 60. With the continued help of the program, my present to myself will be achieving my goal weight, feeling great and ready for the future." ["first_name"]=> string(10) "Michael W." ["last_name"]=> string(8) "Mitchell" ["location"]=> string(12) "Portland, OR" ["weight_loss"]=> string(2) "37" ["signature"]=> string(35) "Michael Mitchell, ILKB Portland, OR" ["filename"]=> string(23) "testimonial-michael.png" ["sort"]=> string(1) "2" ["status"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_winner"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_runner_up"]=> NULL ["purple_glove"]=> NULL ["url"]=> NULL } [13]=> array(19) { ["id"]=> string(1) "9" ["language"]=> string(7) "english" ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["headline"]=> string(97) "“At 30 years old, I finally found out it's okay to do something for myself too.”" ["copy"]=> string(148) "If it was not for your school, I would not have been able to achieve such great success. Your instructors led me on a path that has changed my life." ["spanish_copy"]=> string(140) "Si no fuera por su escuela, no hubiera alcanzado este éxito tan grande. Sus instructores me guiaron por un camino que ha cambiado mi vida." ["long_copy"]=> string(6980) "First off, I would like to say, that I am not much of a writer. Especially when it comes to me. So if I jump around a bit, please bare with me. Where to start? Well, I’m Kristopher Eisner. I am 30 years old and wear many hats. I currently work two jobs, one full time with tons of extended hours and the second, is part-time, but some weeks can run me way over 40 hours. When I’m not working, I wear multiple hats, first and foremost, a father to my two wonderful children, a husband, a friend, a mechanic, a handyman, etc, etc. I think you get the point. I’m the type of person who puts others first and myself in dead last. When I say that, it tends to be true. My eating habits, my health, anything about me were the furthest thing from my mind. When I first started this contest, I was more of the mindset of doing this for my family. My wife has had a hard year and has needed multiple medical procedures. So the money aspect really appealed to me. What if I could pay off her debt? Then I could work less, so on and so on the cycle follows. Another mindset was, wow my kids can see firsthand how hard I work to get this, and then it can possess them to have the same mindset. Work hard, get results. Not one thought of wow, this can really better me. Nothing of, my children are looking at ME and proud of ME. Now we come to the start of the challenge. I tried to think about everything. I sat down with my instructors and spoke with them. I told them my intentions of winning this contest and asked them to help. I knew nothing of a good diet or taking care of myself. Even with the two to three classes I took a week whatever home cooking my wife and I had done, it still was not the healthiest lifestyle we could have lived. So after speaking with my instructors and getting a beginning idea of what I was doing, I started researching and DOING. I changed my diet, cold turkey. No more crap for my system! I went from eating all crap to no carbs, no white sugars, low sodium, the works. I sized my meals and made sure that whatever I was eating was the right thing for what I needed. Proteins, healthy sugars, healthy fats…I think you get the point. I went healthy. The first day of doing this I thought, man this is easy. HAA! Was I wrong… I started my diet and that’s when the cravings started. I missed it all. Wings, pizza, enchiladas, sauces. You name it, it was on my mind. So while it was hard, whenever I had a bad bad craving, I ate a piece of celery. Days went by and while I still had cravings, they would slowly dissapate from my thoughts. I would start thinking about more important things, like ways to get things done around the house, things for work, etc. The hours of thinking about food turned to days, those days turned to weeks, and while I would have a really bad craving here and there that got me mad or upset, I went on and pushed through it. The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. There was yelling, tears, heartbreak. It was like a soap opera, just over food! No matter what though, I pressed on. I never faltered, cheated, quit or gave up on my diet. So for 45 straight days I pushed through. Pushed through the tears, the pain, the cursing all of it. Next is my exercise habits and my ability to keep pushing. Like I said in the beginning, I did not do many things to promote a “healthy fitness” type of lifestyle. When starting this contest, I made a promise that I would not let anything get in my way. You know what? I followed through. It’s absolutely amazing what can happen within six weeks and I’m not talking transformation wise. The change and promises I made to myself were to only go to Ilovekickboxing classes and succeed. I jumped in head first! I got to that first class of the contest, looked at that mat, and kept my promise. I got on that mat and worked out harder than I’ve worked on anything in my life. Then I went to the next class and again I made it through that one. It wasn’t easy; there were plenty of times I just wanted to quit. In the beginning I’d look at my family to remember why I started this contest and reminded myself, I will not falter, I will not fail. I will succeed. As time progressed and I got results (weight loss,etc, etc) I started noticing that these workouts, sparked a different fire in me. I would look at myself in the mirror and think, damn, you’re starting to make a difference. It made me happier and more confident. Little by little I started caring about myself more instead of putting everyone else first. I got more confidence so instead of just taking crap from others, I would finally stand up for myself. I also noticed that while I care for my family, I did not just want to go to class and kill it for them, but I wanted to do it for myself. When that feeling came over me it was a whole new world! I saw everything in a different light. My diet started becoming easier and my workouts started becoming more hardcore. The cravings for crap food started to lessen and my love for kickboxing grew. (I don’t go to gyms—I’m pure ilkb through and through) I started finding myself looking at what other people were eating instead of just me. That “ahha!” moment finally came upon me and it all clicked, really clicked. The science of my diet, the workout schedule. All of it finally fit and the best part was that I could start helping people with their diets and workout routines! Then the other “ahha” moment finally came upon me. I’m finally doing something for me! During this contest, everything came together for me. I started this contest for reasons other than myself and I’m finishing it for me. But once the contest is over, I’m not done. This is a lifestyle, not a workout or diet. I look at my progress from start to finish and I can’t believe it. I have NEVER done anything like this before. I mean this. The diet, the exercise, all of it. Nor is this changing for me. My family will always be number one, but this contest has truly shown me that not only is family important, but there really needs to be time for me too. I have to take care of myself, not just everyone else. In my final paragraph of this reflection, I would really like to extend my gratitude to Ilovekickboxing. If it was not for your school, I would not have been able to achieve such great success. Your instructors led me on a path that has changed my life. I have a newfound confidence and peace within myself. The best part of this is that my transformation was not made by mixing exercise regiments by going to the gym and doing ilovekickboxing. My whole life transformation was made by Ilovekickboxing and the diet plan I learned from my ilovekickboxing instructor. So for all of this I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You have helped me find myself, and after 30 years of doing for everyone else, I finally found out its okay to do something for myself too." ["first_name"]=> string(10) "Kristopher" ["last_name"]=> string(6) "Eisner" ["location"]=> string(11) "Chester, NJ" ["weight_loss"]=> string(2) "35" ["signature"]=> string(35) "Kristopher Eisner, ILKB Chester, NJ" ["filename"]=> string(26) "testimonial-kristopher.png" ["sort"]=> string(1) "2" ["status"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_winner"]=> NULL ["transformation_runner_up"]=> NULL ["purple_glove"]=> NULL ["url"]=> NULL } [14]=> array(19) { ["id"]=> string(2) "26" ["language"]=> string(7) "english" ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["headline"]=> string(91) "“I fit into the clothes that I want to wear and I am stronger. It’s changed my life.”" ["copy"]=> string(83) "I feel like I deserve to walk around with an air of confidence, I have worked hard." ["spanish_copy"]=> string(71) "Siento que merezco caminar con un aire de confianza, he trabajado duro." ["long_copy"]=> string(1278) "My journey has been a long one but I feel that this challenge has changed my life. I have kicked my addictions to sugary high-sodium foods that come in wrappers. I have learned that in order for me to get fit i must feed my body not my mouth. I started this challenge not knowing just how much it would change my life. I can fit into the cltohes that I want to wear and I am stronger. I feel like I deserve to walk around with an air of confidence, I have worked hard. The greatest thing is I feel as though my challenge is not over! Everyday I feel the need to challenge myself. I went out in the 3rd week of the challenge and bought myself a bike. I love it! I yearn to move and be active, whereas before it took effort to even get out of bed. I feel stronger than ever I mean I can do push-ups! I would have never guessed that I was this strong. The biggest accomplishment that I feel that I have is that I quit smoking. I have been trying to quit for 3 years now and this challenge helped me to end that bad habit. It happened gradually, and unexpectadly. I was like I stopped eating crap but here I am putting poision in my body. I need my lungs to breath during training, no time or room for things that are not conducive to my progression. Thank you so much!" ["first_name"]=> string(9) "Dominique" ["last_name"]=> string(7) "Tinsley" ["location"]=> string(6) "Boston" ["weight_loss"]=> string(2) "12" ["signature"]=> string(17) "Dominique Tinsley" ["filename"]=> string(25) "testimonial-dominique.png" ["sort"]=> string(1) "2" ["status"]=> string(1) "1" ["transformation_winner"]=> NULL ["transformation_runner_up"]=> NULL ["purple_glove"]=> NULL ["url"]=> NULL } }